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Bullies infuriate K J Sommer. He is a retired school teacher who writes from his experiences as a veteran teacher of 35 years. K J Sommer has dealt with every kind of school bully there is, and comforted their victims. He has helped students deal with many of the challenges today’s youth face. His message to bullies, and their victims, is a powerful one.

KJ has written for his hometown’s history book, Wagon Trails in the Sod, and in the town of Vermilion’s history book, Vermilion Memories II.  He was also involved in the creation of his hometown’s first history book, Leaves of the Parkland.  KJ is published in the December/January 2020 issue of the Our Canada magazine. He also is an avid blogger who has written numerous blog posts on his blog: Sommer Season All Year.

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